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Hampi is a world renowned heritage site and although in ruins today, it once boasted riches known far beyond the shores of India . The ruins of Hampi of the 14th Century lies scattered in about 26 sq. km area, amidst giant boulders and vegetation. Protected by the tempestuous river Tungabhadra in the north and rocky granite ridges on the other three sides, the ruins silently narrate the story of grandeur splendor and fabulous wealth. The splendid remains of palaces and gateways of the broken city tells a tale of men infinite talent and power of creativity together with his capacity for senseless destruction.

Badami, the one time capital of the Chalukyas , is noted several temples, some structural & other rock-cut, of the 6th & 7th Centuries. The foundations of Badami, or Vatapi as it was called, were laid by Pulakeshi I (535 - 566 AD.).

Badami Caves
1 km, this group of 4 cave temples have been carved out of the hill opposite Badami fort. Nearly 2000 steps have to be climbed to reach the cave.

Badami Fort
2 Kms. Strategically situated on top of the hill, the fort encloses large granaries, a treasury impressive temples on top of the northern end of the hill. Malegitti Shivalaya, perhaps the oldest temple of the lot, is dedicated to the benign aspect of Shiva as the garland maker..

A sculpture gallery is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India on the Bhutanatha Temple Road .

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